Prospectus 2022/2023

Belmont Montessori School is registered with St. Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland and recognised by the Department of Education and Science as a school that provides an educational programme similar to National School. Belmont Montessori school has been in operation for 27 years. This School is Privately owned and managed by the principal who is responsible for ensuring quality and Best Practice. This school complies with the criteria set out by the Irish Montessori Education Board in its guidelines for Accreditation and Registration of Montessori Schools (IMEB).

Annual School Inspections for Health and Safety are carried out by the IMEB inspectors. Annual School Inspections for Health and Safety are carried out by the IMEB inspectors. It provides sessional education for children between the ages of 2 and a half and 6 years old. The years up to the age of six are the most formative years of life. Our aim is to provide a happy, homely and non-competitive atmosphere in which children may grow and learn naturally at their own pace.

Booking for school year 2023/24 will start in September 2022


Dr. Montessori released that there were three main stages in the development of the person from infancy to adulthood and consequently designed her groupings to suit these stages:

0-6               (0-3 & 3-6) 

6-12              (6-9 & 9-12)

12-18            (12-15 & 15-18)

The young child of 3 years is busy building up his attributes through the various Practical life and Sensorial Materials so that he is quite undisturbed by the work of his 5 years old classmates and vice versa. Often an older child who feels unsettled becomes calm soon after reverting to a Practical Life Exercise for some time and so the varied stimuli provided yo extend to the mixed age groups are most beneficial. Similarly a young child might be fascinated by more advanced exercise and will store impression until he needs to use it later. There is great harmony with the older children serving the younger child.

Transportation/Collection of Children

Its is the parent’s responsibility to bring their children to the Montessori School and to collect them on time. They are expected to be prompt and arrive as scheduled. Should an emergency arise , parents are expected to telephone and advise staff that they will be late.

In the best interest of children and parents the Montessori school will  not under any circumstances whatsoever, allow the collection of any child from the Montessori School by anyone who has not been previously authorized in writing by the parents to do so. (The alternative person collecting must be aged over 16 or over)

N.B To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment, it should be duly noted by parents that Belmont Montessori operates a strict policy in relation to designated persons picking up the child from school Please also note that:

‘any person (designated or otherwise) seen to be notably under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will not permitted to remove the child from the school premises, in the interest of the welfare and protection of the child’

Belmont Montessori School’s responsibility for the child’s safety, ceases once the child leaves the classroom on collection by the parent or authorized person.


When Dr. Maria Montessori first started to work with the Materials she noted:

  • How often the child returned to a particular exercise?
  • What was the child’s reaction?
  • The effect it had on the child’s total development.

The Materials have specific aims:

  • To isolate the sense being taught
  • To be actively provoking;
  • To be self-correcting;
  • To lend itself to grading and pairing;
  • To be attractibe to the child and draw to work.

Maria Montessori realised that by developing to the fullest potential each sense, we could then introduce their interactions with another and their co-ordination. sub-consciously for example, the child becomes aware of dimension and absorbs the basis of decimal system.

The sensorial materials bring about a development where the child can compare, distinguish and discriminate, where he can work with one or more of the exercises together in smooth motorisation and mental conception.

Tuition for Ecce Children

Tuition For ECCE Children

  • Children in the ECCE (government scheme) are Free for 38 Weeks (182 days) for 2 years, Born between: (01/01/2018 – 31/12/2019)
  • An Optional Fee of €100 is payable for 10 minutes flexibility in drop off time. Pick up Must be prompt.
  • A Refundable Registration Fee of €100 is payable at time of registration (refund at the end of October proving the child avails of pre-school place ).
  • One month’s notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the school.

Fee Payment Method for Non Ecce children

  • Application for government subsidy can be applied for from the “National Childcare Scheme” online at using your verified MyGovID.
  • The Term fee or Monthly fee is payable in full at the beginning of each term month. There are no rebates of fee.
  • An invoice will be issued to parents within a few days of fees falling due. Failure to respond to this notice in a timely manner may result (depending on the merit of each individual case) in the loss of the child’s place at the school.
  • A paper based application can also be submitted by post.
  • Summer camp 2023 dates to be confirmed

One Month notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the school or payment of one month.