Admissions & Enrolment Policy

  • A meeting between parents, child and the Montessori Principal is scheduled at a mutually convenient time.
  • Children are accepted on a first comes first served basis.
  • The child’s place is confirmed upon receipt and acknowledgement of the completed enrolment Form and the Registration fee.
  • As part of the enrolment procedure, it is mandatory that at least one parent/guardian attends the Parents Information Night.
  • If there are children with special medical needs or allergies we will ensure that all legal and medical procedures are in place prior to administer ANY medication.

Settling in Policy

Belmont Montessori operates an open door policy for all parents. This is especially relevant during the settling in period. The school appreciates the difficulties that can arise with a child being introduced to a new environment for the first time. Parents / Guardians and staff will work together to enable children to settle in to their group at their own pace. Settling in should be a positive experience as it will influence children’s self confidence, attitudes to relationships and socialising and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Staff will be available to talk to parents and to discuss any fears or concerns around the settling in process. Staff will inform parents on a regular basis of their child’s progress.

Parental Involvement policy

Parents are recognised by the staff in Belmont Montessori School as being the Primary Educators of the child. The staff work in partnership with parents to ensure that the individual needs of the child are being met and to discuss the child’s progress or any issue / concerns that the parent or the school may have.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with the staff or Principle if you have any concerns. Policies and procedures of the school are available for parents to view. There is also a brief daily exchange of information with each parent / guardian. Please provide your child with a note book for further information if necessary.

As well as having an open door policy, parents / guardians are also invited to arrange a meeting in relation to their child with staff of the school when required. Equally staff of Belmont Montessori School may request a meeting with parents of a child to discuss issues of concern. A comments / complaint form is available for parents who feel they have a particular suggestion / issue / concern with the school. This form is available on request from the school. Information for parents / guardians will be distributed to them and displayed on a notice board in the school. Parents will be made aware of activities and events that will be carried out in the school.

Student Policy

Students may be on work experience from time to time in the school. Their studies may require them to do observations, if you do not wish your child to take part please inform the school.

Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Belmont Montessori School to keep confidential, any information regarding health and family circumstances of children, families and staff. Knowledge or observation of children’s development or behavior will be treated in a strictly confidential manner except in terms of legal obligation i.e. Child Protection. The school keeps records in relation to all the children attending in compliance with the child care service regulations 1996. Observations are carried out monthly on each child in compliance with Aistear and Siolta.

Staff are made aware that it is not acceptable to discuss matters in relation to children / families or others involved in the school outside of the setting (except in cases of child protection). With regards to child protection issues, observation / records may be made available to the HSE. Information on another child will not be discussed with another parent. In the case of breach of confidentiality it should be dealt with under the comlpaints procedure or under terms of employment as appropriate.

Equality and Anti Discrimination Policy

Belmont Montessori School believes that, it has the responsibility to actively oppose any form of discrimination. The school will reflect the equality and anti-discrimination policy in the form of the provision it offers:

The staff at Belmont Montessori School is committed to recognising and respecting the rights of all adults and children who use the school. We seek to support each child’s individual and group identity. Cultural Diversity is recognised as having a positive role to play within the school.

We promote equality of access and participation and are committed to an anti bias approach. Children are actively encouraged by staff to display positive attitudes in relation to similarities and differences of race, culture, language, ability, gender, and social background. The staff of Belmont Montessori School adheres to all relevant legislation, including:
The Employment Equality Act 1988
The Equal Status Act 2000
The Equality Act 2004

Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Belmont Montessori School to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of each individual in the school. To achieve this we will establish and maintain safe working procedures amongst staff and children, and ensure that everyone is aware of these procedures through our safety statement in line with the safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989. A safety statement has been brawn up and complied by all involved in this school and this is available for all parents to view. The safety Statement is revised annually.

Accident and Incident Policy

The staff at Belmont Montessori School have Pediatric First Aid and Child Protection training to assist them in a situation where an emergency may arise. A First Aid Box is located in a safe place accessible to all teachers and the materials are checked and updated regularly.

Children’s medical records are kept on file where they can be accessed in case of emergency.
Management and Staff of Belmont Montessori School have made local doctors aware of the school in case of an accident or sudden illness. A written record will be kept of all accidents and injuries that occur in the school that involves their child. Parents will be asked to sign the accident and incident record book.

Hygiene Policy

Belmont Montessori School is committed to the promotion of a healthy environment and a high standard of personal hygiene for adults and children. The staff comply with all relevant legislation in this area. Up to date rosters are posted in the cloakroom and classroom.

Exclusion Policy

In general the aim of this policy is not to be exclusionary but rather to provide an environment whereby children are safe and staff may fulfill their duties.


Diarrhea Head lice
Vomiting Conjunctivitis
A Fever of 38C / 100F Thrush
Chickenpox / Scabies Earache or Bad Couch
Measles Mumps
Meningitis Hepatitis
Scarlet Fever Hand Foot & Mouth

Or any other illness that the Doctor considers that the child should be kept at home


Medication Policy

It is the policy of Belmont Montessori School not to administer non-prescribed medication. Written concent will be required from parents to administer prescribed medication.

Illness and Absence Policy

It is the parents responsibility to inform Belmont Montessori School immediately a child becomes ill, in order to minimise the spread of communicable disease, parents are required to discontinue a child’s attendance when a child is ill, until he or she is free of both symptoms and cause. Children with a fever may not return to the Montessori school until their temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours. (Health regulation: A child must be kept at home for the first 24 hours of an antibiotic treatment.)

If a child becomes ill during the session, the parents of the child will be promptly notified to collect the child. It is expected that sick children will be collected promptly upon notification, as the Montessori School has neither the personnel nor the space to care for a sick child. Children who have an infectious illness such as vomiting or diarrhoea must not return for 48 hours (HSE) Parents are responsible for keeping the Montessori School informed about the daily absences from school and providing up to date emergency telephone numbers.

If your child is unable to attend school on a particular day it is the parent’s responsibility to phone the school by midday on that day to let them know.

In addition, and particulary for children participating in the ECCE scheme, significant absences of 21 days from school must be reported to the DYCA and may result in the loss of your child’s free Pre-School year.

Comments & Complaints

The staff of Belmont Montessori School welcome parents’ / guardians’ opinions on the development of the school. Staff will give due care and attention to any comments / suggestions and complaints and will respond accordingly. Again the forms are available in the school.

Behaviour Management Policy

The staff of Belmont Montessori School encourage children to grow and develop to thier individual potential in an appropriate planned Montessori environment where the children know what is expected of them. Clear limits are set appropriate to age and stage of development and any special needs the chi9ldren may have. The children are involved in setting those limits. All children are included in tha activities if they wish and are encouraged to interact with the other members of their class.

  • In the event of negative behaviour appropriate behaviour management strategies will be adhered to.
  • Children are never physically punished for any behaviour.
  • The child is made aware that it is the behaviour that is being challenged and not the child.
  • Incidents of negative behaviour are recorded via incident reports and the parents will be informed. Recurring problems will be discussed with the parents and an agreed strategy will be put in place. Where possible children engaging in conflict will be supported to come up with a solution among them in order to promote their problem solving skills.
  • Our teachers will help the child to see that he / she is hurting while also acknowledging that the child is hurt.
  • Teachers of Belmont Montessori School participate in Behaviour Management Training in order to keep pace with the best practice in this area. Children’s behaviour will never be discussed in the presence of parents of other children in the school.

If a situation arises where a child is hurt by another child, both sets of parents will be made aware of the incident, however, staff will not disclose the name of the ‘other child’ involved in this incident. Confidentiality will therefore be assured at all times.

Child Protection Policy

Belmont Montessori School undertakes to promote general welfare, health and full development of children and protect them from harm of any kind. We also undertake to protect the personal integrity, safety and well-being of children in this facility in line with the provisions of the National Child Protection Guidelines – Children First. Staff at this facility are trained in the recognition of the signs of abuse and the appropriate procedures to be followed. Full policy available to view on request.

A child safeguarding statement has been developed for Belmont Montessori School and is posted at the entrance to the school

Outing Policy

Belmont Montessori School is committed to planning and undertaking appropriate supervised outings in the future. These will be planned to provide opportunities for children and adults to share active learning experiences together. Parents will be asked to sign a consent form.

Photograph Policy

From time to time the staff at the school will be taking photographs of the children. Some of these photographs may be used in local papers on the Schools Facebook Page, or in the County Childcare Newsletter.

If you do not wish your child’s photograph to be used in the public domain please make this known to the staff in writing.

Interaction policy

Children are learning whenever they are interacting with each other, with adults and with learning materials in the indoor environment. Adults are role models for children’s behaviour. Belmont Montessori Staff recognise that it is very important that they should be good participants, are flexible and curious and have a sense of adventure and love of learning. Belmont Montessori staff problem solve in front of the children so as to encourage the children to do the same. The staff also enable the children to develop good communication skills through their interaction with adults and other.

Inappropriate Language

In a situation where children engage in language which is deemed inappropriate by staff the procedure will be similar to that underlined in the behaviour management policy. Incidents of this nature will be recorded and parents will be informed. The frequency of the language will be monitored and staff will encourage the child to use more appropriate expressions.

Smoke-free Environment Policy

Belmont Montessori School is committed to the protection of all employees, children, their Parents/guardians and visitors from exposure to second-hand smoke, to insure a safe working environment and compliance and legal obligations under the Public Health Tobacco (Amendment) Act 2004.

School Equipment Policy

Equipment used in Belmont Montessori School is selected in compliance with the (IMEB) Irish Montessori Education Board and the pre-school regulations 1996. All equipment used will be safe to the children who will avail of it. The age and stage of development of the children will be taken into consideration when introducing new equipment. Equipment will be cleaned on a regular basis and safety check will be carried out accordingly. Broken or damaged materials will be replaced or repaired as necessary to avoid any possible accidents. Pencil sharpeners will never be given to the children.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal opportunities are implemented. No gender, cultural, health, special needs or other conditional discriminations are neither implemented nor permitted at Belmont Montessori School.

Snacks & Lunch Bags

Children may bring their own lunches. Water is freely available at all time. Specific dietary requirements must be reported to the School staff.
N.B Foods strictly not permitted in school for fear of allergic reaction
Peanut butter
Chocolate or Chocolate bars
Chocolate spread

Small sandwich/fruit are permitted. Fruit must be peeled, cut into ‘slices’ and contained a small plastic box; grapes must be cut in half; Fizzy drinks and crisps are not permitted. Actimel’s are not encouraged as they spill easily. Drinks in re-usable containers rather than cartons are best, as there is less waste Your child may bring a small insulated lunch bag or lunch box, we cannot accommodate large school bags.


Parents are welcome to bring a special treat or birthday cake (non-chocolate) for their child’s birthday. Please check with the Principal or Staff a few days beforehand.

Parent’s Information-Evening

A parent’s information-evening will be held before school-term (usually in May for all parents), parents will be duly informed. It is mandatory that at least one parent attends, as this evening, represents an important part of the enrollment procedure. A second parent’s evening will be held again later on in the year. Individual parent-teacher meetings will be held around Easter. Parents are notified of the date of these events in advance. The children’s work will be available for parents to see. Montessori Principal of your child(ren). Parents may arrange an appointment at any time discuss their child’s progress.

Uniform Policy

Belmont Montessori School does not have a compulsory uniform, however we would welcome comments or ideas from parents on this issue.
Parents are requested to provide, good indoor light shoes (clearly labelled) Aprons are provided.

Velcro footwear is recommended as it promotes the child’s independence.
Parents should ensure all clothing is clearly labelled with the child’s name to avoid any loss of property.

Children should not bring money, expensive toys, jewellery or ornaments to the Montessori School
Personal ‘labelled’ face towel with loop, daily.

Please supply a named change clothing.

Property Loss and Damage

The Montessori School cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss of, damage to, property or clothing however caused

Montessori Calendar

Belmont Montessori School is open September to June inclusive (183 days) apart from Bank Holidays, and School holidays.

Summer Camp

Runs for the first two weeks after regular School Year ends. Children who are already registered with the Montessori School have priority, although we do accept children between the ages 3 and 6 years old who are not already enrolled in the Montessori School if place is available.

Outdoor Activities

The Montessori School its own well-equipped garden, which is used for physical activity and games, it offers a secure environment. We ask that children are suitably dressed to facilitate their involvement in the outdoor area all year around.