Belmont Montessori School is dedicated to following Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy and methodology. it is hands-on, multi-aged, developmentally appropriate, independent learning environment for children.


Sensorial – activities offer children opportunities for exploration and discovery of sorting, matching, grading and stacking. Intrinsic qualities of the learning materials are possible to discover through exploration, clarifying, classifying through experience and naming including such attributes as size, colour, shape and dimension. Children engage in numeracy activities as part of their daily experience.

Example of activities: cylinder blocks, pink tower, broad stair, long rods, colour boxes, geometric shapes, progressive/ sorting activities, touch boards, fabric box, touch tablets, sound boxes.


Cultural – activities involve exploration of art, crafts, music, drama, science and nature, history and geography.

Example of activities: painting, pasting, gluing activities facilitating creative exploration and development, reconstructed environment using animal models i.e. farm, zoo, nature table, concept of time, stories of life, pictures, puzzle maps, nature puzzles, picture and lifecycles stories. Experiments sinks / floats, magnetic / non-magnetic.

Language Activities

Language activities provide for an integrated language arts approach in which speaking, listening, reading and writing develop in unison.

Example of activities: library, stories, poems, nursery rhymes and songs. Insets for design develop basic skills for use of the writing instrument, sandpaper letters – develop phonemic awareness and early reading skills.

Mathematic Activities

Mathematic activities- children explore numbers and mathematics in a natural way. The manipulation of concrete materials facilitates exploration of and understanding of mathematical concepts and facts.

Example of activities: sorting, grouping, matching, ordering, counting, activities, number rods & symbols, sandpaper numbers, spindle box, counter & numbers cards, memory games.

Children's Individual Needs

High quality provision is good for all children including children with additional needs. Children coming into our service are young, our staff are highly qualified and work hard to provide consistency of care and education, cultivating positive – relationships with children and families. Each child brings with him/her a unique set of experiences and capabilities. Each child, regardless of their individual needs have strengths from which we work. Our staff team have positive and open images of children – and recognise them as having rights and competencies. Children communicate their interests in many ways, both verbally, non-verbally. They communicate through what Loris Malaguzzi calls” a hundred languages”

Play Opprtunities

Offering rich play opportunities for children with additional needs promotes participation supports identity and belonging, enabling a sense of success and mastery.

The AIM Access and Inclusion better start model offers supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can access the early care and education programme. Its aim is to ensure that every eligible child can fully participate and reap the benefits of quality early care and education.

We aspire to emphasise the importance of independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, curiosity, creative, problem-solving, co-operation and respect for others, and self; thereby helping to develop competent, considerate, responsible members of society.

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Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our pre school club will be a perfect introduction.

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Outdoor Area

With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children.

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Inclusive Practice

Offering rich play opportunities for children with additional needs promotes participation supports identity and belonging, enabling a sense of success and mastery.

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We do Easter and Summer Camps to help help your child / children in furthering their development towards school.