Belmont Montessori School is dedicated to following Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy and methodology. it is hands-on, multi-aged, developmentally appropriate, independent learning environment for children.

The child

Belmont Montessori School strives to meet the needs of the whole child: nurturing a love of learning creating opportunities for growth and independence thus bringing about self-respect and positive self-worth. We are dedicated to teaching the skills of responsibility self-discipline and independence.

Our Aims

Belmont Montessori School aims to allow the child to grow naturally, to retain individuality and develop their own personality.
  • To support children’s identity and sense of belonging
  • To encourage each child to critically think about diversity
  • To empower children to stand up for themselves and others in difficult situations
  • To foster children’s empathy and support them to be comfortable with difference

Mission Statement

  • We provide children with the freedom to work
  • We believe every child is an individual
  • We provide an atmosphere, which promotes respect
  • We believe in a child’s creative potential
  • We believe working within mixed age groups between 3 to 6 years.
  • We believe harmonious surroundings
  • We believe Montessori education provides the best possible foundation for life
We aspire to emphasise the importance of independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, curiosity, creative, problem-solving, co-operation and respect for others, and self; thereby helping to develop competent, considerate, responsible members of society.

Our Community

The Community

Belmont Montessori School strives to create a positive caring atmosphere for parents and their children to flourish and grow. Our focus is to nurture respect and understand each other, nature and our planet. To confidently engage in dialogue around issues of diversity, bias and discrimination. work to challenge individual and institutional form of prejudice and discrimination.

Our Goal for Your Child

  • Joyfully embrace life
  • Be responsible for actions and make good choices
  • Be confident by succeeding at meaningful goals
  • Be a Life-Long learner
  • To keep children safe

The Environment

Belmont Montessori School creates an environment that is clean, safe, nurturing and carefully prepared to provide positive learning experiences.